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Supplementary material

For some publications additional material is available here

Compact Groups of Galaxies (Hartsuiker & Ploeckinger, MNRAS, 2020)

The sample of identified Compact Groups of galaxies in EAGLE RefL100N1504 can be found here

The ASCII table contains the GalaxyIDs of each CG member, which allows to extract a large variety of galaxy properties from the EAGLE galaxy database. Additional information about each compact groups includes the group elongation and the time when all group members merge into one massive galaxy.

We release hdf5 datafiles that contain the cooling and heating rates, ion fractions, molecule abundances, and line emissivities for each of the models presented in the article. 

In addition, we provide an ascii file that can be coupled to Cloudy to use the radiation field for the UV background from this work (based on Faucher-Giguere 2020) and routines to read, interpolate and visualise the table contents. 

Click here or here for the main project webpages.

Some notes, figures and python scripts that explain the relation between effective temperature, colour and spectral type can be found here. Routines to calculate the Saha equation and the Boltzmann distribution for hydrogen are included in the python scripts. 

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